*****Highly recommended

I recently adopted a one year old lab, and have only been to ani-care a couple of times, but my lab and I both had good experiences. EVERYBODY was friendly, it was easy to schedule and even reschedule an appointment when it was needed, and I feel that my dog is in great hands. The vet there seems very knowledgeable, and the prices were not bad. They were helpful to my dog and I both above and beyond what I had expected, neither of us dreaded the second trip back, and I am glad to schedule future appointments there as long as we continue to experience such an exceptional level of service at Ani-care. I definitely recommend this hospital!!

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***** Excellent, kind, and caring vet

I have 2 parakeets, 1 parrot, and 2 cats. I've never needed to take the birds to the vet so I never realized that there are not that many vets in the area that able to take care of birds. One of my birds (Cher) broke her leg and the vet we take the cats to doesn't specialize in birds. I was referred to Dr. Feinsod at the 24 hour emergency vet hospital.

I was immediately impressed. Not only was I seen on time, but Dr. Feinsod treated Cher very well. He explained the various options. He told me all the pros and cons and recommended we put a harness on her. When he brought her back from putting the harness on her, he held her like she was one of his own pets.

When I received the bill, I was happily surprised at his charges, they were very reasonable.

A few days later, Cher chewed away her harness and I needed to come back in to have it reapplied. Dr. Feinsod reapplied her harness in no time and spent time talking to me about Cher's leg and how it was healing. He also gave me excellent information about birds. He told me about perches and toys that they might like. I was impressed by his knowledge and enthusiasm about birds and glad to know that he was taking such good care of Cher.

When, the bill for this visit arrived, I was surprised again. I was only charged for the office visit and not the harness redo. The vet I take the cats to definitely would have charged for that. Dr. Feinsod is an excellent vet and I am glad that I took Cher to him.

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Dear Dr. Feinsod,

I just wanted to drop you a note to give you my sincerest thanks from the very bottom of my heart for all you do and how you went WAY above
and beyond the call of duty to take care of our cockatiel, Eusebi. I can't even begin to tell you how much I appreciate your limitless knowledge, compassion and honesty when caring for animals. I have *NEVER* met a veterinarian who takes so much care and has such finesse in balancing your courses of treatment with both the client and what you know is in the animal's best interest. I sincerely wish there were something HUGE I could do for you to even come close to repaying you for ALL you have done for me and how you have cared for our Huma,
Eusebi and Leo the grump. :-) What you do and have done for me and so many others just leaves me in complete awe every time.

Well, I will stop rambling; but I know I'm rambling because my heart is futilely grasping at straws to find the very best words to show you my gratitude but unfortunately, those words just don't exist. Just
know that in my eyes, and I am CERTAIN in the eyes of many others, you have moved mountains in my life. There is NO ONE I trust more with our "babies" than you and I just can't thank you enough for that.

Take care, Dr. Feinsod. We will certainly be in touch; but, unfortunately for you, when that time comes, I will be bearing one hysterically pissed off cat. :-/

From: Anonymous

***** Dr. Feinsod is the best!

We took my son's sick snake to see Dr. Feinsod. He spent a lot of time with us discussing feeding, care, proper temperature and many other aspects of this particular breed of snake. He is very thorough and knows his stuff!

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Dear Dr. Feinsod,

"I have been meaning to write to Thank You for saving my "Iggy's" life!!! He was a very sick Leopard Gecko and I didn't know what to do. My good friend _ highly recommended that I find you. Thankfully we found you in time!!!! Since my fiance brough "Iggy" in to see you we have worked hard to get him healthy. He is now eating on his own again, active, growing, and happy! You don't know how much this means to me! I love him so much! I hope to get more reptiles in the future and we'll know where to bring them for care!"

From: Card

*** This is a good, kind caring vet!

Dr, Feinsod is a very intelligent, young vet. with a big heart, who will LISTEN to what the pet owners says and consider what was told to him, unlike another vet I used to use.
He was always good with Lily and tried to think of ways to deal with her problems. I would highly recommend him.

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***** With highest regards

My comment is focused on Dr. R. Feinsod, [DVM] at this hospital. I have had the pleasure of him caring for my Rottweiler, Nala while he was an associate at another Vet clinic in Howard Beach, NY. He takes the upmost care with the animals, and is very passionate about his work. He repaired a torn ligament in my dog's knee in '07 and she is running around as we speak. I can't say enough good words in reference to the quality care he gives. Your hospital's gain is surely our loss!!

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***** The Finest Vet in PA

My wife and I are involved in the breeding of pets on Long Island, NY.
New York's loss at Dr. Feinsod going to PA - was PA's huge gain. He is one of the most knowledgable vets we have ever come across. Dr Feinsod was for years, the "go to guy" at the clinic where he worked. He treated all pets exactly the way the owners would want them treated. He also makes sure, before you leave his clinic, that you have a full understanding of what is going on with your pet. I thank him for all of his help and kindness while in NY and have no hesitation in recommending Dr Feinsod to one and all.

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