Ani-Care Animal Hospital

Dallastown, York County, PA    866-930-1959     "All Pets, One Vet"

Call Us in Dallastown, Pennsylvania, at (866) 930-1959

 Hours of Operation:  By appointment only

Monday/Tuesday 9a–7p

Wednesday 9a - 5p

Thursday/Friday 9a - 6p

Saturday 9a - 12noon

Sunday Closed

  * Appts not usually scheduled between 12pm-3pm as surgeries are performed at this time.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What brands do you carry?

RevolutionInterceptor Plus, Bravecto

Wellness Dog and Cat foods

Oxbow Animal Health and Supreme Pet Food products

Harrison's bird foods.

Lafeber Emeraid and Critical Care Nutrition products

Glycoflex chews for joint support in dogs/cats

Royal Canin veterinary prescription diets

Zoomed lighting and reptile supplements

And so much more! 


What do I do if found a baby or injured...?

Finding "orphaned" or injured wildlife: We can only see wildlife brought in by a licensed wildlife rehabber. If you have found an orphaned wild animal and you are 100% sure the mother was killed or has abandoned the baby/nest here are licensed wildlife rehabbers in York County:

Finding Wild bunnies:

 Finding baby birds:


Do you offer at-home euthanasia?

While we do not offer at-home euthanasia services our friends at Peace Pet Passage do.


What can I do about all these strays cats in my neighborhood?

The York County SPCA offers trap rentals and spay/neuter, vaccines, and testing for stray cats at a very low fee.