Ani-Care Animal Hospital

Dallastown, York County, PA    866-930-1959     "All Pets, One Vet"

Call Us in Dallastown, Pennsylvania, at (866) 930-1959

 Hours of Operation:  By appointment only

Monday/Tuesday 9a–7p

Wednesday 9a - 5p

Thursday/Friday 9a - 6p

Saturday 9a - 12noon

Sunday Closed

  * Appts not usually scheduled between 12pm-3pm as surgeries are performed at this time.

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About Us

In addition to working with Sean Casey Animal Rescue in NY, we also work with other local Rescue/Shelter organizations. Dr. Feinsod and his staff dedicate their time and resources to many shelter animals. Please support them as well!

Cocker Spaniel Adoption Center:  Many of the dogs they rescue are from puppymills.

Heavenly Paws Kitten/Cat Adoptions.

Sebastian Foundation:  Dog adoptions

S.P.C.A. of York County -   Cats, dogs and some small mammal adoptions.

Central Pennsylvania Animal Alliance (CPAA) - This organization provides free/low cost Spay/Neuter and vaccines. Please consider a donation so we can continue to work with their De-Sex in the City program, Spaying/Neutering dogs and cats to help decrease the unwanted pet population that is out of control!